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An LGBTQI+ flag waves in the wind in front of a building

How USAID Is Advancing Locally Led LGBTQI+ Inclusive Development

A Q&A with Michael Heflin and Stephen Leonelli on the Alliance for Global Equality What is the background of the Alliance for Global Equality? [Stephen Leonelli] The Alliance for Global Equality is the outcome of nearly two years of co-creation with Outright International and the LGBTQ+ Victory Institute.

Partnerships Incubator

Partnerships Incubator

Network at development events

Two men in a field working in agriculture.

From Risk to Opportunity: Capacity Building in Subawards

people in nepal at a nepal roadshow day

Localization: The Road Ahead for USAID’s Localization Efforts

A woman wearing an orange dress and holding a child.

Maternal and Child Survival: A Decade of Progress and Action for the Future

In person
Washington, D.C.
Young people reaching to touch hands.

Youth Participation in COVID-19 Recovery Efforts