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NPI and Co-Creation: The Good, the Bad, and the Future at USAID
NPI and Co-Creation: The Good, the Bad, and the Future at USAID
USAID’s New Partnerships Initiative (NPI) is making it easier for partners to bring good ideas to the Agency by lowering barriers to entry. It also is targeting co-creation as a way to build stronger mutual partnerships from the outset and speed up the award process. Now an Agency priority goal, co-creation brings together a variety of stakeholders—such as local governments, donors, civil society, private-sector companies, and faith-based organizations—to build solutions to development challenges. It has proven successful in regions and projects around the globe. ...
Three Things to Know about USAID Branding and Marking
Three Things to Know about USAID Branding and Marking
When you think of USAID’s brand, you might just think of its logo. But USAID’s brand is more than just its official seal, its name, and its tagline “From the American People.” USAID’s brand represents what the Agency stands for: the goodwill of the American people and their commitment to partnership. ...
Fostering Partnerships between Innovators and Investors
Fostering Partnerships between Innovators and Investors
USAID's Grand Challenges for Development are an exciting way for new and nontraditional partners to engage with the Agency and contribute to solving pressing and complex development problems. The USAID-supported Water and Energy for Food Grand Challenge is reaching out to innovators in the private sector and forming beneficial partnerships through its regional innovation hubs. Read more in an excerpt from the article below, originally posted on Agrilinks. ...