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Webinar Resources: Lessons Learned from USAID New and Local Partnerships

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Jan 24, 2022

View the recording and slide deck from the January 25 "Lessons Learned from USAID New and Local Partnerships"  webinar.

A&A Strategy and NPI Case Studies: January 2022 Findings

In January 2021, the USAID Office of Acquisition and Assistance (M/OAA) launched a stocktaking review of the 2018 Acquisition & Assistance Strategy (A&A Strategy). As a part of that stocktaking review, a number of case studies were developed from awards managed by various parts of the Agency. 

Several of the profiled awards were designed in collaboration with the New Partnerships Initiative (NPI), which was created in response to the original A&A Strategy, focusing particularly on the guiding principles of diversifying the Agency’s partner base and changing how USAID Partners. 

These case studies highlight key lessons learned from innovative approaches to working with new and nontraditional partners–including those promoted by NPI.

These findings were presented at the "Lessons Learned from USAID New and Local Partnerships" webinar.